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It is a great honour and pleasure to address you. Management involves decision making. We all know that in order to make best possible utilization of available resources, we come across various alternative solutions. We have to pick some and forego others. These decision making skills are sometimes god-gifted, but more often than not, these skills could be acquired. One way of acquiring them is through the process of trial and error. That could be very costly and sometimes, prove fatal for the organization. There is an increasing realization that managerial skills should be acquired. There is greater emphasis on building the human capital. According to some recent demographic studies, India will have a comparative advantage over U.S. and Europe in terms of 'young' population. India is being seen as a major supplier of workforce in the next decade, since the developed world shall have a large component of aging population. This would be possible only when our workforce undergoes appropriate training and acquires requisite skills. This is not an era of the ‘generalist’; it is an age of the 'specialist'.

We, at SD Group Of Institutions, strive to train our students accordingly. Apart from the standard curricula, we lay a lot of emphasis on imparting specific skill in accordance with the industry and business needs.

Mr. Praveen chugh


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